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Žárový lis Laboratory hot press ONE! is a unique device developed by Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and produced by CLASIC company. It allows preparation of dense ceramics and other materials by sintering of powders through simultaneous application of high temperature (up to 2100°C) and axial pressure (up to 40 MPa) in an inert atmosphere or vacuum. The furnace is constructed in the way, which allows the work under slight overpressure of an inert gas (nitrogen, argon).

Laboratory hot press ONE! opens new markets. In the past such type of technology was utilized mainly by large companies, due to its financial, space, and materials costs. Our device facilitates low cost, fast, and highly efficient preparation of samples for materials testing also in small laboratories. The energy costs of one experiment are reduced by 77%.

The construction of the furnace allows fast heating (50 °C/min up to 2000 °C) and a sufficiently long zone with constant temperature. Accurate measurement of the real temperature directly on the sample is ensured.Žárový lis

The final specimens are 20 mm in diameter, and 10 mm thick, which is sufficient for a complete characterization of the prepared material from the point of view of its functional and mechanical properties, and its chemical and phase analysis.

The construction of Laboratory hot press ONE! is unique, and reflects recent demands on energy saving and decreased impact on environment.

Laboratory hot press ONE! was awarded on Taipei Intl Invention Technomart 2012 with bronze medal.

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