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VíkováTop cover furnaces are suitable for many applications. The top part of the furnace can be equipped with a round or square cover, the higher dimensions furnace with a parted cover. The furnaces have very good temperature distribution in the inner chamber.Víková

The base of the furnace is a light steel construction. The cover of the furnace and the top cover are stainless. Inner insulation is from fibre ceramics for reaching low temperature looses and small dimensions of the furnace. The use of the Kanthal A1 material guarantees long service life of the heating elements.

The standard equipment of all furnaces is the programmable controller CLARE. The applied 8-bit microprocessor with supporting chips provides reliable function of the whole equipment. The controller works with a real time clock in the manual or automatic mode.

w-h-d [mm]
w-h-d [mm]
0313V 1300 150-150-150 350-300-350 3 230 1,5 10
1013V 1300 200-250-200 500-550-500 10 400 3 30
5013V 1300 350-450-350 650-700-650 50 400 9 105
10013V 1300 450-500-450 800-850-800 100 400 14 160
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