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VakuováAll electrical resistive furnaces with the heating elements or the superkanthal heating elements can also be produced as vacuum furnaces.

Maximal temperature goes down according to level of vacuum for the furnaces with the heating elements to 1150°C and for the superkanthal furnaces to 1400°C. In case of technical gases it is possible to use temperature recommended by a producer of heating resistive materials.

VakuováThe furnaces are equipped with the high compact stainless vacuum exterior container, the rotation vacuum pump up to 10 Pa, the installation for income and exhaust of technical gases, the explosive valve, possibly with the equipment for gas burning. Eventually, the equipment for various gases intermixture in precise defined rates can be added. The furnaces can be produced as chamber, cylinder or elevator furnaces.

The standard equipment of all furnaces is the programmable controller CLARE. The applied 8-bit microprocessor with supporting chips provides reliable function of the whole equipment. The controller works with a real time clock in the manual or automatic mode.

VakuováAs an example and a reference: the elevator vacuum furnace enabling observation, analysis and modelling of melting processes in glass heat treatment. The sample of the melting is recorded by camcorder from the left side against a dark background of the right side. The furnace chamber is constructed for temperature up to 1400°C enabling various gas atmospheres application. The furnace was developed in co-operation with the University of Chemical Technology in Prague.

Vacuum furnace dimensions parameters and design can be produced by request of customers.

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