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RychlovýpalovéModern technology of ceramics and glass heat treatment requires reduction of firing time. Company laboratories for higher frequency of firings require the fast-firing furnaces.

The CLASIC Company has developed and tested the furnaces in which controlled heating and cooling speed is the main parameter. The dynamics of the furnace increases thanks to construction of the small weight special lining and controlled cooling. Ceramic samples or small products are possible to heat to required temperature, to make several minutes' delay and to make controlled cooling in 50 minutes. For example the furnace with 30-litre chamber volume reaches 30°C/min heating speed even in maximal temperature. Cooling speed is still 30°C/min even in 400°C.

The standard equipment of all furnaces is the programmable controller CLARE. The applied 8-bit microprocessor with supporting chips provides reliable function of the whole equipment including controlled rotation of the fan coolers. The controller works with a real time clock in the manual or automatic mode.

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w-h-d [mm]
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