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PozorovacíPhotography furnaces enable observation, analysis and modelling of melting processes in glass, ceramics and metal heat treatment. The sample of the melting is recorded by camcorder from the left side against a dark background of the right side. The furnace chamber is constructed for temperature up to 1700°C considering the optical properties. Other specifications of the furnace are similar to those of superkanthal ones. The furnaces were developed in co-operation with the University of Chemical Technology in Prague and GLASS Service Vsetín.

The furnace can be equipped with the chimney for gas exhaustion, the mechanism for a thermocouple insertion into melting or other equipment by request. The furnaces can also be produced as vacuum furnaces and they can be evaluated with the picture analysis video technique including software from the GLASS Service Company.

The standard equipment of all furnaces is the programmable controller CLARE.

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