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LaboratorníLaboratory furnaces up to 1300°C developed and produced by the CLASIC Company are designed for ceramics, glass, metal or other materials heat treatment. They are suitable mainly to ceramic, glass and mechanical workshops and also to dental laboratories and jewellery workshops. Wide temperature range, possibility of using protective atmospheres and fully automatic operation can meet all your requirements.

The base of the furnace is a light steel construction, which all other component parts are connected to. Front side panels and a furnace door are made from stainless steel with a mat ground surface. Fully stainless furnaces can be designed according to customers' wishes. The pantographic hinge of the door negates turning of the hot door side towards an operator. The model 3014, 5014 and 7014 are equipped with the support 850 mm high.

Laboratorní Minimal temperature losses and advantageous rate between inside and outside dimensions could be gained thanks to applied insulation on a base of fibre ceramics. The heating elements on the ceramic bearers are placed on the sides possibly on the bottom of the firing chamber. The use of the KANTHAL-A1 material guarantees long service life of the heating elements. Compact design of the front panels and the door including the control panel meets the requirements for modern industrial design.

The furnace can be equipped with a gas and steam exhaust apparatus and with an inlet valve of protective gases - Carbonic acid gas, Nitrogen, and Argon - hand or computer operated, respectively. The furnaces can also be produced as vacuum furnaces. Moreover, we are opened to specific hardware and software demands.

The standard equipment of all furnaces is the programmable controller CLARE.

Inside w-h-d
Outside w-h-d
1013 1280 200-160-300 470-400-570 9,6 230 3 40
1313 1280 200-160-400 470-400-670 12,8 230 3,3 45
3013 1300 320-300-300 650-585-600 29 400 5 75
5013 1300 320-300-500 670-585-800 48 400 8 85
7013 1300 320-300-700 670-585-1000 67 400 11 105
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