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The CLASIC Company is concerned with development and production of electric resistive furnaces for ceramics, glass, metal or other materials heat treatment. They are suitable especially for ceramic, glass, jewellery, machine workshops and dental laboratories.
Laboratory furnaces
LaboratorníLaboratory furnaces up to 1300°C are designed for ceramics, glass, metal or other materials heat treatment. They are suitable mainly to ceramic, glass and mechanical workshops and also to dental laboratories and jewellery workshops.
High temperature furnaces
SuperkanthalováModern fibre ceramic materials enable to construct high temperature furnaces of compact dimensions with fine dynamic properties.
Vacuum furnaces
VakuováAll electrical resistive furnaces with the heating elements or the superkanthal heating elements can also be produced as vacuum furnaces.
Cylinder furnaces
VálcováCylinder furnaces are made in two variants: up to 1300°C with the heating elements from the Kanthal-A1 material and up to 1550°C with the superkanthal heating modules.
Top cover furnaces
VíkováTop cover furnaces are suitable for many applications. The top part of the furnace can be equipped with a round or square cover, the higher dimensions furnace with a parted cover.
Fast-firing furnaces
RychlovýpalovéModern technology of ceramics and glass heat treatment requires reduction of firing time. Company laboratories for higher frequency of firings require the fast-firing furnaces.
Photography furnaces
PozorovacíPhotography furnaces enable observation, analysis and modelling of melting processes in glass, ceramics and metal heat treatment. The sample of the melting is recorded by camcorder from the left side against a dark background of the right side.
Dry kilns
SušárnaElectric dry kilns up to 300°C enable commodities and ceramic materials drying in the chemical and food-processing industry.
Calibration furnaces
Calibration furnaces developed by the CLASIC Company are designed especially to company laboratories for calibration of their thermocouples. They are made in variants up to 400°C, 1250°C and 1550°C.
Jewellery furnaces
ZlatnickáJewellery furnaces are designed for metal melting of small amount with maximal 1200°C melting point. They are suitable especially for gold, silver, bronze, brass and their alloys melting in a graphitic crucible.
Zkušební zařízení a přístroje. Mnoho typů přístrojů pro výzkumné ústavy a laboratoře zhotovené podle evropských norem.
Regulation unit
Reg. jednotkaRegulation unit of the CLASIC Company can be applied in connection with furnaces of other producers. In its basic version it consists of the controller CLARE, the contactor and the thyristor unit.
Controller CLARE 4.0
Clare 4.0Programmable controller CLARE 4.0
Control system CLARES 2.4
CLARESControl system CLARES was developed on PC platform towards the controller CLARE higher integration. Even though it consists of many choices and functions it does not loose its simplicity and it is still accessible to all users.
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